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November Deal of the Month!

  • Dai Senso! for $79
  • Totaler Krieg! for $99
  • Or BOTH for $159
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Axis Empires: Dai Senso
Price: $120.00

Dai Senso:  Axis Empires. At last, the popular Totaler Krieg system travels to the Pacific. Dai Senso is the long-awaited game on the war against Japan. It can be linked with Totaler Krieg: Axis Empires to play all of WW2, from the 1937 China Incident to the 1945 A-bombs and beyond. Dai Senso takes a different look at the Pacific Theater. Other games focus on the war's air-naval operations from 1941 on. In the Krieg system, those battles are handled abstractly, which leaves Dai Senso free to focus on the strategic decisions and historical alternatives. What if the 1937 China Incident hadn't become a full-scale war? What if Japan renewed its treaty with Britain? What if the 1939 border clashes with Russia had led to war? What if the war in Europe had unfolded differently?
Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg
Price: $120.00

Totaler Krieg:  Axis Empires. This third edition has been expanded even more, to give players more options to let them explore the critical pre-war period from 1937 to '39; and, most intriguingly, to link up with its new Pacific brother game Dai Senso: Axis Empires, for a look at all of WW2, in a way only the wild and unpredictable Krieg system can provide. What would have happened if the Republicans had won the Spanish Civil War? What if Germany and Russia hadn't signed their pact; if France had modernized its army instead of building the Maginot Line; if Japan had attacked Russia in 1941?