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Der Weltkrieg World War One Series:

Each game is an Operational Level simulation of the campaigns of World War One. The game is played by two players; one controls the Central Powers forces (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and their allies), the other controls the forces of the Entente (France, Great Britain, Russia, and their allies). All of the units depicted in these games were available to the historical commanders. Each of the units has combat and movement capabilities that represent what the historical unit was capable of doing. It is up to the players to conduct operations with their units within the framework of these rules. Other games of the series can be tied together with these games to create more comprehensive simulations. The instructions for doing so are found in the scenario specific rules.

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Dispatch #32 - SPW Der Weltkrieg Series Sale!

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The Complete Der Weltkrieg Series
Price: $399.75

(NEW Grand Campaign game plus new reprints of previously published games!) Collect all 5!
The Grand Campaign
Price: $79.95

(Brand New Title!) The Grand Campaign (SPW) covers the strategic and production aspects of Der Weltkrieg Series for WWI and completes the Weltkrieg series.
Eastern Front
Price: $119.95

(New Reprinted Edition!) Eastern Front - Contains six different games: Tannenberg: Eagles in the East, Galicia: The Forgotten Cauldron, Serbia the Defiant, Gorlice-Tarnow Breakthrough, The 1916 Brusilov Offensive, Romania: Transylvanian Gambit.
Ottoman Front
Price: $79.95

(New Reprinted Edition!) Ottoman Front - Contains five different games: Kalfas Cephesi - Caucasus: 1914-17, Sinai-Filistin Cephesi: 1915-18, Irak Cephesi - Mesopotamia: 1914-18, Canakkale Cephesi- Gallipoli: 1915 and Makadoya Cephesi - Greece: 1915-18.
Western Front
Price: $69.95

(New Reprinted Edition!) The Western Front - Contains six scenarios, each covering a major WWI campaign fought in France or Belgium.
Italian Front
Price: $49.95

(New Reprinted Edition!) Italian Front - Contains five scenarios: May 1915 (1st Isonzo), May 1916 (Strafexpedition), May 1917 (10th Isonozo), October 1917 (Caporetto) and June 1918 (Albrecht and Radetzky). This game links with the other East Front games in the series for campaign games.
Business in the Trenches
Price: $23.95

Business in the Trenches is about how people make the same mistakes over and over. It is about learning from those mistakes so that you don't make them. It is about how to do better than people did in the past in similar situations. Failure to make the right decision can spell doom.