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The Decision Games Pledge Program is an online preorder system for gamers to "pledge” their support to purchase future games thereby directing our efforts to the games customers have the most interest in seeing published. Pledge orders will receive a minimum 25% discount from the final retail price. We provide estimated pricing based on the latest information we have about components and print pricing, however the final price is subject to change. Please note that we never collect funds for pledge games until we are ready to start shipping.

Pledge games are organized into two major groups. A-list games have finished design and development and are completing the remaining steps of testing, proofing, production, and transit. B-list games have been selected for publication and are in design and development, are waiting their turn for design because they are part of a series (GOSS), or because we can manage only one monster game at a time in development (NAC, WIE, FWW). Also included in the B list are previously published games selected in Deluxe reprint surveys; these games will move into the A list as they complete any steps needed for reprinting and have sufficient pledge orders or survey votes to merit reprint.

To pledge for games, check your list, make changes or updates to your list or customer information, visit the pledge area of the Decision Games Shop. Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published; no payment information is required in order to make pledges. Credit card information or a check will be required once a game completes production and is in transit to our warehouse; cards will not be charged or checks cashed until games are ready to ship

(1 October 22)

We are getting back on track and adjusting to the new normal of supply, transportation and labor disruptions and delays. Rather than make predictions about release dates, we have added the step a game is in after its title to provide an indication of where it is in the pipeline. Testing and proofing vary widely based on the size and complexity of the game. Currently, production and transit each take two-three months. Here’s where we stand currently on series and individual projects.

A-List Update

Since the Dispatch last October, we released three of the A-list games: Midway Solitaire Deluxe, Corrupt Bargain, and D-Day at Saipan. The updated rules for D-Day at Iwo Jima has been added to the e-rules section. The next releases will be the first two volumes of Battles in the East. Each volume in the series will include two games. Volume one includes Sandomierz Offensive and Bagration Stopped. Volume two includes Uman Pocket and Guderian’s Final Blitzkrieg. These games are in final proofing and will go out for printing in November. Presuming each step is on schedule, these should release in May 2023. One new game will be added to the mini game series: Kircholm with Pike & Shot Quick Play rules.

We will be releasing the following reprints:

D-Day at Omaha Beach (fifth printing, no changes)

Iwo (only solitaire folio)

Arnhem (folio, with revised fire support rules)

Bastogne (folio, with revised fire support rules)

Aachen (folio, with revised fire support rules)

Long-Range Desert Group (mini)

Khe Sahn (mini)

Vikings (mini)

Axis Empires Ultimate Edition continues to slowly make its way through a lengthy review and proofing process. The game is a monster with four maps, nine counter sheets, five rules booklets, numerous charts and tables, and 500 cards. Currently, Thomas Prowell (the game’s developer) is reviewing the cards and cross checking them against all other components to ensure correspondence and references are accurate. The game has received a thorough graphics update. Once the review is complete, the game will wrap up pre-production and head out for printing.

Survey Results

We ran three reprint surveys over the summer for our SPI titles and out-of-print games (Decision Games and S&T Press). The winning game in the SPI category was Blue & Gray I & II. We will be updating the map and counter graphics (maps will be game boards like our recent Deluxe reprints). In the Decision Games group, Drive on Stalingrad (Ty Bomba’s design) was the winner. We’ll likely give it the Deluxe treatment as well. Finally, in the S&T Press group, Coral Sea Solitaire will be the next magazine game to be upgraded to Deluxe format after Sealion. Currently, we expect Blue & Gray, Drive on Stalingrad, and Sealion to release in Q4 2023.

We also ran a fourth survey focused on design projects that have been around for some time. Doc provided descriptions of how those designs would be updated and finished. The winner in this group was StarForce, an update of the SPI design. Joseph Miranda (the designer) will be completing the design in 2023 and Doc will lead the development of the game.

Deluxe Editions

Deluxe Editions are magazine games that sold out and are selected for an upgraded boxed reprint. They receive a mounted game board with potentially enlarged map, counters that may be enlarged and include new variant counters, a possibly expanded rules booklet, and play aids. Red Dragon Rising will include all of the variant counters previously published as well as some additional variants, a rules update, and play aids. We’re currently waiting on the developer to complete the updated variant counters and rules, then it will proceed to printing.


Over the Rhine: Market Garden is the next GOSS game. The game was given an early play test at CSW Tempe in August and the scenario rules, counters, and scenario displays are being reworked by designer Joe Youst and developer Doug Johnson. Because the system rules are minimally updated, we’re expecting to complete play testing rapidly with release in 2024 (presuming a rapid completion of the rework). The series will then ship out to the North Africa group of GOSS games: Tobruk, Alamein, and Tunisia, then Sicily. With the overwhelmingly positive reception of the Hannut game in World at War #80, we are running more proposals for GOSS-lite battle games in the next surveys for World at War and Strategy & Tactics.

Other Monster Games

North African Campaign will be proceeding into play test after Over the Rhine. After North African Campaign, we will move on to War in Europe.

By the way, Campaigns in Europe was selected by our magazine customers to appear in World at War #97-100 (that’s in 2024-2025 for those wanting to subscribe for that series). Campaigns in Europe utilizes an updated set of the four central maps from War in Europe and a historically based division (German/Western Allies) and corps (Soviets/Axis Allies) level counter set to simulate major ETO campaigns. It will not have the strategic elements of War in Europe (i.e. production spirals, U-Boats & convoys, strategic bombing, political tracks, etc.), however it will have accurate Orders of Battle with historical variation in unit capabilities for many of the major campaigns. The series issue games currently planned are: Barbarossa North, Case Blue to Operation Uranus, Sicily to Rome, and D-Day to Market Garden. An expansion kit is planned and will include four additional counter sheets and nine additional scenarios including a pair of two map scenarios.

Other Series Games

Battles in the East. This new series is an update of the SPI Army Group South series. The game mechanics are similar to the classic SPI Panzer Group Guderian game. The new design standardizes the game scales and allows comparison of organizational and doctrinal developments and unit capabilities over the course of World War II in Russia. HQ units are utilized to deliver higher level combat support and logistics. The scenario selection is focused on a balance of lesser known battles along with better known. The first two volumes are moving into final proofing: Sandomierz Offensive & Bagration Stopped (1944), and Uman Pocket & Guderian’s Final Blitzkrieg (1941). The third volume, Operation Sonnenwende (Pomerania) & Drive to the Sea (West Prussia) (1945) will be starting testing while the fourth volume (Mius River & Vitebsk) is in design.

Distance scale is three to four and half miles per hex. Time scale is 2-3 days per turn. The system rules feature a move-fight-mech move sequence of play with HQs for command and control, logistics and higher level and leader support. German divisions and Soviet mech/armor corps fighting together are eligible for integrity bonuses and these bonuses vary by the timeframe of individual battles (Soviets get larger bonuses later in the war while Germans see a reduction in 1945 battles). Early war battles see untried Soviet units while late war battles include untried Volksgrenadier units.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not mix pledge orders with other game products. You can add a pledge for any game by viewing the item, selecting its check box, and clicking the "Add to Cart" button on that page, or by clicking the "Add to Cart" button from the game details page. In effect, a pledge is made like any regular order. When you view your cart you will see the pledge program notice that the item is on order. View your pledge orders at any time by logging into your account and reviewing your order history, where you can delete any pledge game order if you so desire. To add a new pledge game, simply place a new pledge order for that game.

Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges— credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we are able to keep accurate count of pledge orders.

Pledge FAQ

Q) I don’t see my pledges that entered previously.
A) You must place a full order with only Pledge game items in the cart and check out. We will switch the status to pending and you are then able to modify the order and your account at any time.

Q) Will I have a “pending” charge on my card?
A) No, the website is not set up to automatically complete the order. No charge will appear until a game is processing for shipping.

Q) I don’t see a game I pledged for previously on the listing now.
A) Game proposals that are not making sufficient progress are dropped to make way for new game proposals .

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