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The Decision Games Pledge Program is an online preorder system for gamers to "pledge” their support to purchase future games thereby directing our efforts to the games customers have the most interest in seeing published. Pledge orders will receive up to a 25% discount from the final retail price. We will provide estimated pricing based on the latest information we have about the game components and print pricing however the final price is subject to change (largely due to the variable costs of paper and shipping). Updates about the collation and shipping are included in our What’s New page. Normally, we start printing game components in January. We close the pledge orders when components start arriving in our warehouse and begin collecting payments. Most games are shipped by the end of June.

The Decision Games Pledge Program has published many games over the past 15 years. For your convenience, we are listing the projects that are active in design and development first, then the games that need further support before they can move into Design and Development. We will add games to the Pledge Program through the surveys we conduct on-line and in our magazines.

To pledge for additional games, check your list, make changes or updates to your list or customer information, visit the pledge area of the Decision Games Shop. Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges—credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we are able to keep accurate count of pledge orders.


(30 SEP 17)

The reorganization of the pledge program is complete. We have divided our game designs into three groups. Group A includes the games that are proceeding in development and play testing, and are on schedule for publication in 2018-2020. Group B includes the possibilities for the next games in our D-Day and GOSS series, new game designs we are evaluating for publication, reprint/updates of previous games. Group C includes euro-style historical games and science fiction theme games.

Let’s start with the “A” games set to release in 2018. First up in January will be a zip-lock update of Olympic & Coronet (published in World at War #27) — this printing corrects the map and counter errata and some rules clarification, but otherwise is a straight reprint. In May, we will release a Designer’s Edition (boxed format with mounted map board) of World War I and the second issue of Strategy & Tactics Quarterly (see page 2 for more information) that looks in-depth at America in World War I, both to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe. In June, we will release D-Day at Iwo Jima, the fourth in the D-Day series. This will include a mounted game board, extra counters, and a Campaign Analysis booklet. Also in June, we will release Al Nofi’s Imperium Romanum (third edition) — this edition includes several new scenarios, an enlarged map (both the hex size and overall that also eliminated the odd city/era arrow of the previous edition), and new counters. The rules have been thoroughly updated with errata and clarifications.Outside of the Pledge Program in 2018, we will release two new folios introducing a new naval folio system: a WWI folio with Coronel and Falklands, and a WWII folio with River Platte and Denmark Straits. We’ll also be releasing four Miranda minis: Lawrence, Roger’s Rangers, Khartoum, and Red Eagles.

In 2019, we expect to release the next GOSS game, Lucky Forward. Lucky Forward covers the Lorraine Campaign from September to December, 1944. The maps for Lucky Forward connect to the southern side of the Wacht am Rhein maps. The game will include a campaign scenario, shorter scenarios, and variant counters to look at alternative plans that included an airborne drop. Also planned for 2019 are a zip-lock Cobra update for the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Campaign, a Battle for Germany Designer’s Edition, and more minis and folios.

In 2020, we have three big games planned for release, and we are adding a fourth project to the group. Campaign for North Africa is an update of the SPI classic with a staff card driven system replacing the cumbersome logistics accounting system. Alamo to Appomattox is a Krieg-inspired card-driven game of the American Civil War (that includes scenarios for the Texas War for Independence, the Mexican-American War and the factional fighting of the 1850’s thus the game title). Advanced ETO is getting an update by its designer (Eric Harvey). All three of these games should be in play testing within six months. The fourth project now being promoted to the A group is Axis Empires Expansion Kit. This project has been in development and playtesting for several years and is nearly finished. It pushed to the top of the B group and is being promoted into the A group. Because it is far along in play testing and could be ready for printing by the end of 2018, your pledges could advance it into the 2019 group.

On to group B. The first section of Group B includes the series games. We have three choices each for the next games in the D-Day and GOSS series; as the current games complete beta testing and are ready for release, we’ll select the game with the most pledges to be the next in each series.

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  • Olympic & Coronet (zip-lock update of World at War #27 game)
  • Imperium Romanum III (boxed, enlarged and updated third edition)
  • D-Day at Iwo Jima (fourth in the D-Day series)
  • World War I (boxed Designer’s Edition of S&T#294 game)


  • Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (GOSS)
  • Battle for Germany (boxed Designer’s Edition)


  • Alamo to Appomattox
  • Campaign for North Africa
  • Advance ETO
  • Axis Empires Expansion Kit


  • It’s up to you!

INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not mix pledge orders with other game products. You can add a pledge for any game by viewing the item, selecting its check box, and clicking the "Add to Cart" button on that page, or by clicking the "Add to Cart" button from the game details page. In effect, a pledge is made like any regular order. When you view your cart you will see the pledge program notice that the item is on order. View your pledge orders at any time by logging into your account and reviewing your order history, where you can delete any pledge game order if you so desire. To add a new pledge game, simply place a new pledge order for that game.

Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges— credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we are able to keep accurate count of pledge orders.

Pledge FAQ

Q) I don’t see my pledges that entered previously.
A) You must place a full order with only Pledge game items in the cart and check out. We will switch the status to pending and you are then able to modify the order and your account at any time.

Q) Will I have a “pending” charge on my card?
A) No, the website is not set up to automatically complete the order. No charge will appear until a game is processing for shipping.

Q) I don’t see a game I pledged for previously on the listing now.
A) Game proposals that are not making sufficient progress are dropped to make way for new game proposals .

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