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Decision Games’ Pledge Program: is an online preorder system, where gamers can "pledge” their support by placing an order for the purchase of future games, thereby directing our efforts to the games customers are most interested in seeing published.

Pledge orders will receive up to a 25% discount from the final retail price. We will provide an estimated beginning price based on the latest manufacturing information. The final price is subject to change (largely due to the variable costs of materials and shipping). Any updates concerning a pledge can be found on our What’s New page. All pledges not showing interest can be dropped from the program at any time.

We stop accepting pledge orders (with the discount) when components begin arriving. All orders for that game are then offered at the full retail price. Our sales team will email all pledges to confirm gamers wish to proceed with their pledge, before any payment is collected.

To confirm, please reply to the email after checking your pledge order is updated with current mailing and billing information. Any pledges NOT confirmed will be cancelled and pledge discount will be lost.

Our sales team asks that you place all pledges on separate orders for better tracking and ease of any pledge game changes.


(20 SEP 19)

Just after our last update in April, it was determined that Desert Fox Deluxe and RAF Deluxe Edition would benefit from further time to update the rules and supporting booklets, and the large event display cards and so the release was delayed to September. We hope that you will agree the extra attention given these two games was worth the delay.

We are now working on completing the next game in the GOSS, Lucky Forward. Lucky Forward is a battalion/company scale game of Patton's Lorraine Campaign from September to December, 1944. The Lucky Forward maps mate to the southern side of the Wacht am Rhein maps. The game will include a campaign scenario, shorter scenarios, and variant counters to look at alternative plans for the campaign that included an airborne drop. Also being completed is the last update of the previous games, the exclusive rules for Wacht am Rhein. Another project in the GOSS series is a shortened version of the rules (like those used in the introductory scenarios in Atlantic Wall) to be used in short, small scenarios. The first of these, Hannut, will appear in World at War #76 (March 2021). Lucky Forward will print in January and we expect to release it in March 2020.

We have two other boxed games planned for release next summer: Axis Empires and Battle for Germany. Battle for Germany will be a deluxe edition with a mounted board plus two counter sets: the original SPI version and a second set based on the variant published in MOVES magazine and originally published by DG in 1995. Don Johnson has been working on a new variant for supply rules to help simulate the Soviet surge and pause that will be included.

We have changed how Axis Empires will be published. What started as a kit has evolved into a full, new edition in a single large box (like Atlantic Wall). The reason for this is simple when one looks back. After Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg and Axis Empires: Dai Senso were published, design efforts continued toward creating an expanded naval sub-system (Schiffskrieg). The project grew as various ideas and suggestions were added (Dice of Decision II, the popular random campaign generator, additional cards for Separate Peace and Fortunes of War optional rules, more scenarios, etc.). When the kit was finally submitted to DG in 2018, the update kit was going to include a 100% reprint of the maps and an 80% reprint of the cards. There was also a 24-page errata booklet and three counter sheets, new charts, tables, and displays. That summer, as we reviewed the kit and discussed aspects of the project with customers, we determined that for the cards to be matching, all 500 cards would need to be reprinted. We also quickly came to the conclusion that the rules booklets should be updated with the errata and changes incorporated into them as no one wanted to have to refer to rule booklet and then the errata booklet for every rules question.

Then, about 8-9 months ago, we learned the original Axis Empires: Totaler Krieg game was barred from sale in Germany and potentially all EU countries because the German SS counters had lightning bolts. As we reviewed this situation, we decided that here again, the best solution was to revise and reprint the entire counter set - especially as we were going to change to a new printer capable of providing thicker counters. At that point, we were discussing what it was that was not being reprinted and determined the best course was a complete printing of what effectively had become a new edition of the game.

We believe that players will be very happy with the result because all the components will be state of the art (thicker counters, full-color rule booklets, etc.) and internally consistent. We’ve also decided to provide a bonus discount if there are at least 400 confirmed pledge orders by 31 Dec 19. We will be updating the pledges to confirm them and posting an update of the number of confirmed pledges on the DG Pledge page.

For 2021, pledge voting has selected D-Day at Saipan as the next game in the D-Day series. Joe Youst is working on the design currently and we anticipate Saipan heading into alpha testing in the spring. We’ve also promoted Battles in the East to the A list. Picked in a survey of classic SPI games to update, Army Group South has evolved into Battles in the East. We're creating a new series with a standard scale and series rules to simulate WWII battles on the Eastern Front. Play testing has commenced.

For 2022, we anticipate publishing North African Campaign, a new design based on the SPI classic with a staff card driven system replacing the cumbersome logistics accounting system.

On to group B. D-Day at Saipan moved up to the A-list leaving two choices for the D-Day series. There are also three choices (B3-B5) for the next game in the GOSS series. After Lucky Forward is published, the game with the most pledges will be selected to be the next GOSS game. The next group (B6-B7) includes War in Europe and First World War. Once North African Campaign is completed, we will look closely at these two projects to move one of them forward into updating and development. Due to lack of pledges, Anaconda is being dropped from the Pledge program.

The C group includes Euro-style games and science-fiction themed games. Middle East Struggle (formerly Hegemony: Struggle in the Middle East) is undergoing some design work to create a 2-player option as well as slimming down the components so the price point will come in closer to $80 rather than over $100). Fits right in the sweet spot of euro-style history strategy games we are seeking—like Bleeding Kansas, the cards themselves are a history lesson, and the card play feels like history unfolding. We added Corrupt Bargain: The 1824 Election, Cultures of Man, and Pox. Corrupt Bargain is a quick playing game of the four-way struggle for the US Presidency in the pivotal election of 1824. It will follow Bleeding Kansas into our Euro-strategy history game line. Cultures of Man is a quick playing version of Civilization with variable objectives and map creation to make every game different. Pox is a tongue-in-cheek abstract game of the Black Plague similar to Family Business or Guillotine.

We are continuing to seek an outside developer for our Euro-style and SF games (could be one person or more people — contact Doc if interested).

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Q1 2020

  • Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (GOSS)

Q2 2020

  • Axis Empires 2020 Edition
  • Battle for Germany Deluxe Edition
  • D-Day at Saipan
  • Battles in the East


  • North African Campaign
  • It’s up to you!

INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not mix pledge orders with other game products. You can add a pledge for any game by viewing the item, selecting its check box, and clicking the "Add to Cart" button on that page, or by clicking the "Add to Cart" button from the game details page. In effect, a pledge is made like any regular order. When you view your cart you will see the pledge program notice that the item is on order. View your pledge orders at any time by logging into your account and reviewing your order history, where you can delete any pledge game order if you so desire. To add a new pledge game, simply place a new pledge order for that game.

Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges— credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we are able to keep accurate count of pledge orders.

Pledge FAQ

Q) I don’t see my pledges that entered previously.
A) You must place a full order with only Pledge game items in the cart and check out. We will switch the status to pending and you are then able to modify the order and your account at any time.

Q) Will I have a “pending” charge on my card?
A) No, the website is not set up to automatically complete the order. No charge will appear until a game is processing for shipping.

Q) I don’t see a game I pledged for previously on the listing now.
A) Game proposals that are not making sufficient progress are dropped to make way for new game proposals .

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