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The Decision Games Pledge Program is an online preorder system for gamers to “pledge” their support to purchase future games thereby directing our efforts to the games customers have the most interest in seeing published. Pledge orders will receive up to a 25% discount from the final retail price. We will provide estimated pricing based on the latest information we have about the game components and print pricing however the final price is subject to change (largely due to the variable costs of paper and shipping). Updates about shipping are included in our What’s New page. (Pledge orders close when components start arriving in our warehouse and begin collecting payments.)

The Decision Games Pledge Program has published many games over the past 15 years. For your convenience, we are listing the projects that are active in design and development first, then the games that need further support before they can move into design and development. We will add games to the Pledge Program through the surveys we conduct.

To pledge for additional games, check your list, make changes or updates to your list or customer information, visit the pledge area of the Decision Games Shop. Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges—credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we keep accurate count of pledge orders.


(1 OCT 16)

After nearly 15 years, we decided to reboot
our pledge program in 2014. Too many games and other projects were in the program for years without moving forward, plus too many pledge orders were not completed when games were published. It was time to start over.

We have been surveying our customers to determine what games to keep in the program as well as what priority to give to categories/lines/series (D-Day, GOSS, and Wellington’s Victory), a category of SPI and other game updates, possibly reprinting various magazine issue games and Special Editions, a science-fiction line, and a Euro-style line. This led to six games being given the green light to start or continue design and development with a goal of publishing all six games in 2017-2020. The remaining games appear to have interest, but whether they have enough support to merit publication will be determined by future pledge orders.

First, let’s review the categories. The D-Day series proved most popular so the game idea with the most interest (Iwo Jima) went into the green light set. The GOSS series was close behind. The highest rated topic was Lucky Forward (green light) while the next two (Operation Mars and Alamein) in the polling will go into the pool for future selection. Designer Joe Youst is already working on the Iwo Jima and Lucky Forward designs.

Next was the variety update group. The game with the most interest of any project in the fall survey was Imperium Romanum III. This project was fast-tracked for publication in 2017. First World War, War in Europe, and Advanced ETO (2e) were all selected for the future pool and designers are being recruited (Eric Harvey is already on board for AETO2). Campaign for North Africa (CNA) was already given a green light for completion and is underway, however the GOSS series has priority for Doug Johnson. Doug has recently finished a thorough update of the GOSS system rules as well as updating all of the Exclusive rules (these can be found on the E-rules page for DG boxed games). He will return to developing CNA in October.

The Wellington’s Victory series came in fourth and two games (Quatre Bras and Austerlitz) will be added to the future pool. Chris Perello will finish development of Alamo to Appomattox (a green light game) and then we’ll see what the situation is for a WV sequel.

The science fiction category received one green light for Star Force: Alpha Centauri plus Free Mars being added to the pool. This was a tough category with many war game customers either loving the entire category or fully hands-off. Our fall survey also revealed why we were getting a mixed message regarding the Star Force trilogy. Once we separated the three original titles, it was clear Alpha Centauri was the draw and Star Soldier not so much. So we’ll start with Alpha Centauri and let the pledge orders determine whether we go on to Outreach.

The Euro-style category is also tough due to our main focus being on war games/conflict simulations and in part because the titles are all over the place topic wise. Our intent for the line is to bring a more historical flavor to each game (rather than the traditional Euro-games with just a thematic element but little if any history simulation), but maintain a co-operative or co-opetition basis for the games in general. We’re still searching for an Associate Game Developer to head up this category (check the What’s New page on the DG site of you’re interested and want to know the part-time job requirements).

We have decided to work on a series of games focused on topics from American History. We will be retooling some past designs (Westward Ho! and Rails to Victory), adding some new designs (Bleeding Kansas and Company Clash will join Banana Wars – all designs from John Poniske), and soliciting additional designs to fill in the series. Our goal is create games for 2 players with a folio-sized map, a deck of cards, and a mix of components. Some games, like Westward Ho! and Rails to Victory may double the component set and will be intended for 4-6 players. We encourage you to take a look at the online pledge section, review the pictures of may of the games/kits, and provide feedback in the Dispatch survey about this new line.

The magazine game update/reprint category will not be part of the pledge program. We will be proceeding with selected updates/reprints as our print schedule permits.

Summarizing, the six games in the 2017-2020 “green light” group are moving forward in design and development. The other games will be reviewed annually to determine whether they will move up to the green light group. It is up to our customers to place pledge orders to move them forward. We will use the order totals to determine priorities. We’ll also use future Dispatch surveys to review game proposals for inclusion in the Pledge Program.

For Up-to-date information check out the
What's New page!


  • Barbarossa Deluxe (zip-lock enlarged update of World at War #1 Barbarossa)
  • Decision in North America: The American Revolution (zip-lock update of S&T #270)


  • Zama (update of S&T #153 game in BAW folio series with Chalons style counters )


  • Olympic & Coronet (zip-lock update of World at War #27 game)
  • Imperium Romanum III (boxed, enlarged and updated third edition)
  • New editions of the D-Day series: Omaha, Tarawa, and Peleliu


  • Alamo to Appomattox
  • Campaign for North Africa
  • D-Day at Iwo Jima
  • Lucky Forward: The Lorraine Campaign (GOSS)
  • Star Force: Alpha Centauri


  • It’s up to you!

INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not mix pledge orders with other game products. You can add a pledge for any game by viewing the item, selecting its check box, and clicking the "Add to Cart" button on that page, or by clicking the "Add to Cart" button from the game details page. In effect, a pledge is made like any regular order. When you view your cart you will see the pledge program notice that the item is on order. View your pledge orders at any time by logging into your account and reviewing your order history, where you can delete any pledge game order if you so desire. To add a new pledge game, simply place a new pledge order for that game.

Pledges are a commitment to purchase a game when published and current payment information is required in order to make pledges— credit card information must be kept current in order to maintain a pledge order. Accounts that are not kept current will have their pledge orders cancelled so that we are able to keep accurate count of pledge orders.

Pledge FAQ

Q) I don’t see my pledges that entered previously.
A) You must place a full order with only Pledge game items in the cart and check out. We will switch the status to pending and you are then able to modify the order and your account at any time.

Q) Will I have a “pending” charge on my card?
A) No, the website is not set up to automatically complete the order. No charge will appear until a game is processing for shipping.

Q) I don’t see a game I pledged for previously on the listing now.
A) Game proposals that are not making sufficient progress are dropped to make way for new game proposals .

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