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Congo Merc: The Congo, 1964
Price: $14.95

During the 1960s the newly independent Congo was the scene of constant warfare. This is a solitaire game that puts you in the middle of that fighting leading a task force of elite commandos.

Border War: Angola Raiders
Price: $14.95

During the Cold War a ruthless conflict was waged on the Angolan border between the South African Defense Force and communist insurgents. This is a solitaire game that puts you in the middle of that fighting as commander of a South African battle-group based on the frontier.

MiG Alley: Air War Over Korea 1951
Price: $14.95

MiG Alley is a two-player game covering the air battles over North Korea in 1951. One player controls the UN forces and must carry out a series of bombing raids to knock out key targets in North Korea. The other player controls the communist forces, including masses of the new MiG-15 jet fighters, and attempts to inflict prohibitive losses on the UN.

Suez '56: Anglo-French Intervention (Solitaire)
Price: $14.95

Suez ‘56 places you in command of British, French, and Israeli forces in Operation Musketeer, the invasion of Egypt. The historical objective was to regain control of the Suez Canal and potentially remove Egypt’s President Nasser. Your mission is to achieve those objectives while avoiding the political debacle that marred the actual event.

Khe Sanh '68: Marines Under Siege (Solitaire)
Price: $14.95

Khe Sanh ‘68 places you in command of United States and South Vietnamese (ARVN) forces in the campaign to relieve the USMC firebase at Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War. The historical campaign was something of a race against time as the US high command feared that the North Vietnamese were going to attempt to overrun the base. All resources put into the Khe Sanh fight, however, were subtracted from those available to deal with the Tet Offensive elsewhere. Your mission is to extract maximum communist losses while minimizing the allied effort.

Lightning: War on Terror
Price: $20.00

Abstractly fight the War on Terror with America's cutting edge weapon systems. You've been charged with hunting down terrorists, invading regions around the world and toppling their corrupt governments.
Golan: The Last Syrian Offensive
Price: $24.95

At the start of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, the Israelis could only spare two brigades to defend the strategic Golan Heights. On 6 October the Syrians attacked with five divisions, three of them mechanized, supported by mortars, artillery, mobile SAMs, and a heliborne commando brigade. The Israelis were therefore badly outnumbered, but were quickly reinforced by reservists (much sooner than the Syrians had anticipated). More significantly, the Israeli Air Force appeared overhead to impede the Syrian assault. However, the Syrians' surface-to-air missile batteries proved at least partially effective against those aircraft. Thus, among other things, the battle for the Golan would test the preeminence of air support against the ascendancy of the SAM.
Naktong Bulge: Breaking the Perimeter
Price: $24.95

By August 1950 the North Korean Army had overrun most of the Korean peninsula, and was advancing rapidly toward Pusan, the last open port in South Korea. The US Army hastily formed a perimeter along the arcing Naktong River to stop —or at least delay— the final North Korean breakthrough. Every available US unit in Korea, including a Marine brigade, was thrown into the fight against three North Korean infantry divisions converging to crush what became known as the "Naktong Bulge."
DMZ: The Next Korean War
Price: $24.95

Technically speaking, the Korean War has remained active since the cease-fire agreement of 1953: the belligerents have never actually ratified a final peace accord. Since 1953, the Korean peninsula has remained devoid of open war, though only South Korea has prospered during that time. In contrast, North Korea has become isolated, bankrupt and confrontational. Indeed, as the North Korean economy continues to implode, and more starvation ensues, it's conceivable a desperate North Korea could resort to war to try to avoid its own final collapse.
Showdown: The Coming Indo-Pakistani War
Price: $24.95

When Pakistan declared itself independent from India, the enmity that had long existed between the two cultures erupted into open war. Since 1947, Pakistan and India have been military rivals and have fought several wars. Those wars, however, have been inconclusive. Since 1998, both nations have become nuclear powers and, consequently, the next Indo-Pakistani war could potentially become nuclear. Indeed, another war between Pakistan and India may be the final showdown.