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Though they’re certainly card games, the whip snake action of the Lightning War series is unlike any other card games you’ve ever played. Two players step into the roles of opposing commanders in history based recreations of famous 20th and 21st century battles and campaigns.

Individual cards represent various weapon types. Players throw reconnaissance cards to find and fix the enemy’s location. Other cards represent entire military formations. Everything can hinge on the timely throw of one critical card.

Each game contains 110 beautifully illustrated cards along with one double-sided page of rules. You’ll learn to play quickly, and you’ll be able to finish a game easily in 30 minutes or less. Be warned, though: one run-through will never be enough; you’ll want to play again and again. Best of all, each individual game in the series is priced under $25.00.

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Lightning: D-Day
Price: $20.00

June 6, 1944, the day that decided the course of World War II in western Europe. Now you command the Allied and Axis armies as each struggles to control the five key beaches along the Normandy coastline.
Lightning: War on Terror
Price: $20.00

Abstractly fight the War on Terror with America's cutting edge weapon systems. You've been charged with hunting down terrorists, invading regions around the world and toppling their corrupt governments.
Lightning: North Africa
Price: $20.00

Covering the great battles of Erwin Rommel from 1941 to 1943, as he fought his way back and forth across the deserts of North Africa. Cards represent the military units, supply convoys and objectives of the historic campaign.
Lightning: Poland
Price: $23.00

The campaign against Poland in September, 1939 is shown through card play. In the game, the German strives to force the Polish surrender quickly by capturing  cities, including the Polish capital Warsaw. The Polish fight to defend their cities and stop the German advance.
Flying Circus (Basic)
Price: $23.00

Depicts the excitement and flavor of World War I aerial dogfighting. You fly the colorful and agile aircraft of WWI as you make history in the world's first use of aircraft in a military role.