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D-Day at Peleliu
Price: 60.00

D-Day at Peleliu is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Peleliu in the Palau Islands. The Marines assaulted with the primary goal of capturing the airstrip nestled amid jungle and overlooked by forbidding mountain terrain. Though Maj. Gen. William Rupertus, commander of the division, predicted a quick four-day victory, the battle was instead a two-month fight to the death against some 10,000 tenacious Japanese.
Wellington's Victory (SPI Update)
Price: 160.00

An update of the SPI classic grand tactical simulation of Waterloo. This will retain the feel of the original—the fragility of dense units in the open, the efficacy of different arms and formations at different times—while addressing some of the shortcomings of the original.
Napoleon's Last Battles (SPI Update)
Price: 60.00

Napoleon's Last Battles (SPI Update). A largely graphic update of the SPI classic game on Waterloo Campaign. A new Joe Youst map and iconic counters selected by our customers in a head-to-head contest.
Leningrad (Reprint)
Price: 24.95

Leningrad recreates one of the most crucial campaigns of the Second World War, the northern wing of Operation Barbarossa in which German forces drive along the Baltic coast to take Leningrad and trap the Soviet fleet.
Atlantic Wall
Price: 240.00

ATLANTIC WALL is a grand-tactical simulation of that campaign. The counters represent almost every formation that participated at the company and battalion level. Infantry, armor, anti-tank, reconnaissance, engineer, assault gun, howitzer, rocket, parachute, ranger, commando, glider and headquarter units are fully represented.
Struggle for the Galactic Empire Bundle
Price: 70.00

Several upgrades to the map, counters, and rules make holding the Galactic Empire together even more challenging. A computer edition will also be published soon.
RAF: Lion Computer Game (PC)
Price: 19.95

RAF: Lion puts you in control of British Fighter Command, responding to German raids. The game’s unique card system generates targets and forces, which may remain hidden until after you commit your squadrons. Your foe is no mindless system: the Luftwaffe has priorities and a strategy. Scenarios range from one raid day, taking an hour to complete, to the full campaign, playable in 12 hours.
D-Day at Omaha Beach Computer Game (PC)
Price: 24.95

D-Day at Omaha Beach recreates America’s most bloody and heroic day of World War II.  In this solitaire game from the designer of the solo classics RAF and Ambush, you control the forces of the US  1st and 29th Divisions landing under fire on the Normandy shore, and struggling desperately to establish a viable beachhead.  The game is also great for two players playing cooperatively, each controlling one US division.
RAF (Reprint)
Price: 80.00

A second printing of John Butterfield's award winning RAF update in which players can solo as the British or the Germans or can play head-to-head.
Struggle for the Galactic Empire v2.0
Price: 60.00

Several upgrades to the map, counters, and rules make holding the Galactic Empire together even more challenging. A computer edition will also be published soon.