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April Deal of the Month!

Sale 1-30 April 2021!

Get Al Nofi's Imperium Romanum for $99 (regular price $140)

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    Al Nofi's Imperium Romanum
    Al Nofi's Imperium Romanum
    Price: $140.00

    Imperium Romanum is an update to the classic game of the Roman Empire by Al Nofi. The rules cover the intricacies of the political, economic, and military conflicts of the Roman world from the first century BC to its fall nearly 700 years later. The game includes a total of 41 scenarios, with six new scenarios and three introductory scenarios. Scenarios range from the Mithridatic wars (88-63 BC) through more than six centuries of greatness and decline to the final burst of glory in the last Romano-Persian War (AD 622-629). Between two and six persons may play, depending on the scenario chosen. With 50 miles to the hex and each unit representing a Legion to one-half Legion in size. Most leader counters are named and represent individual leaders and their staffs.

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