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*Please review the system requirements tab before ordering for clarification of what platforms are supported (no MAC based platforms at this time). All downloadable games will be available for download by the end of the next business day after payment is processed. Note this is a link that is emailed to you; please check your spam filter. Where available, game rules are either included in the game as a pdf or other help feature, in some cases they are on the Additional Information tab.

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Napoleon At Waterloo Computer Game (PC)
Napoleon At Waterloo Computer Game (PC)
Price: $10.00

Napoleon at Waterloo is a simple game of the Battle of Waterloo. The system uses the most common and basic wargame principles, such as hexagon movement, firepower ratings, terrain benefits, and a combat results table to allow you to quickly and easily determine the outcome of battles.
Patton's First Victory  Computer Game (PC)
Patton's First Victory Computer Game (PC)
Price: $19.95

Patton’s First Victory is an introductory wargame, providing a simple, yet accurate, simulation of World War II’s Tunisian campaign and features four pages of rules that elegantly recreate the battles fought between Allied and Axis forces. Also includes a full computer version playable via internet or hot-seat.

Operation Olympic Computer Game (PC)
Operation Olympic Computer Game (PC)
Price: $24.95

Operation Olympic: The Invasion of Japan, 1 November 1945
Operation Olympic is a hypothetical simulation, at the regiment-and-brigade level, of the planned invasion of Kyushu in November 1945...
Napoleon's Last Battles Computer Game (PC)
Napoleon's Last Battles Computer Game (PC)
Price: $29.95

Napoleon’s Last Battles June 1815
Napoleon’s Last Battles finds a triumphant but beleaguered Napoleon again on the throne...