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Decision Games, in business since 1988, publishes board and computer games on military history and through Strategy & Tactics Press publishes magazines, games, books, and other media on military history. From ancient warfare to modern and on to hypothetical and science fiction situations, Decision Games provides games ranging in size and complexity from folio games to monster games with hundreds of maps, thousands of playing pieces, and hundreds of pages of detailed rules. We are the ultimate one-stop shop for the military history enthusiast who wants to understand the how and why of battles and campaigns.

Decision Games board games cover all of military history from ancient times to the 21st century. Some of the upcoming releases include the WW2 Pacific Theater, World War One, WW2 European Theater, Operation Market-Garden, Hurtgen Forest, and D-Day to Cobra. Decision Games also produces a new line of quick-play card games on historical subjects. The series is titled "Lightning" and the games are playable in 30-40 minutes. The first three cover Midway, D-Day, and the War on Terror – the next will cover WW2 North Africa.

Desert Fox Games (the retailer division of DG that attends a number of conventions through out the year) operates from the Decision Games warehouse and provides mail-order board games from all major companies as well as out of print and collectible games.

Additional information about individual games, future projects and magazine schedules, including a complete list of games available from Desert Fox, can be found on the DG main web site.