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War in Europe: computer edition (PC)
War in Europe: computer edition (PC)

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(Current Version 1.2.15)
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War in Europe is a computer-moderated simulation of the European Theater of Operations in World War II. There¹s no computer/AI player in the game; players make all the critical decisions. You decide on production schedules, declare war on neutral nations, and control the ground, air, sea and strategic forces of the Axis, Allied and Soviet powers in order to change or recreate the events of the war. The game is a division-level simulation, with some brigade and corps-sized ground units. Play takes place on a 159x133 hex map of Europe and North Africa. Naval power and air power are abstracted as points rather than on-map units, including: surface fleet, U-Boat, transport, amphibious assault, tactical air and strategic bomber points.

Battle on three fronts‹War in the West (two-player, Allies versus Axis); War in the East (two- player, Soviets versus Axis); and War in Europe (three-player, Axis versus Allies & Soviets). Select from 10 scenarios (shorter games focused on a single major offensive), or 16 campaigns (the whole war from a specified date through May Œ45 or the defeat of one side). A unique "tabbed" map display allows each player to define his own set of map views, while also allowing one-click switching between areas of interest. Multiple map overlays show the supply net, territory ownership, air range, and zones of control. Fully integrated PBEM mode, with autosend, inbox, browse mode and multiple file load/save tracking. Support for any screen resolution; multiple customizable map sets and customizable icons. Fully featured game editor for creation of new scenarios and campaigns; create new units, new setups, and edit the data tables used in the game.
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4 of 5 Enjoyable if flawed game August 12, 2022
Reviewer: William Reardon from Wilmington, DE United States  
I bought the original SPI War in Europe game in the 80s, and only played once. Since then, I've had time, space, or cat issues in the way. So I was happy to discover the DG computer version, and I've been enjoying it, but like others have experienced glitches. In my case the option to repair damaged manufacturing or resource centers doesn't appear in the Axis production list.  In the game I'm currently playing, for example, the Axis captured Lille and Brussels in the spring of 1940 as they did historically, and it is now 1942 and they are still "damaged" with no option to fix them.  (And unfortunately the game editor doesn't appear to offer a way to manually alter that status, either.)   I work around this by editing the Axis cadre box each production cycle and giving them a couple of "free" battlegroups to make up for the lost production points.  So, particularly since I've found those kind of workarounds, I have still found the game a very worthwhile purchase.

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3 of 5 A mixed bag but worthwhile to a grognard October 4, 2021
Reviewer: Joseph Rody from Tampa, FLA United States  
I'm a big fan of monster war games and started during the heights of SPI's prime.  War in Europe is supposed to be a big, dumb monster game and, to some degree, that is true.  Compared to our current state of the art, the game play is simplistic but the strategy is not.

After many plays, you find optimum strategies and counters.  The full flavor comes out once you get very familiar with the procedure and rules.  I'm not certain this was deliberate and more likely a fortunate side effect of a game of this scope.

The software is far from perfect.  As people have mentioned, there are glitches and quirks.  Eventually you can find work arounds to most but not all of them.  It is possible to play an entertaining game.  

Overall, I agree with others that it is highly unlikely Decision Games will release more updates.  If, for nothing else, it's not economically possible considering the game is not a big seller.

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3 of 5 Variety, customizable . . . and glitches September 18, 2020
Reviewer: Gordon Crighton from Orleans, MA United States  
The game adds to what was available from SPI with optional units, editable capabilities and many different scenarios and campaign games.  Editing capabilities allow you to create your own scenarios and campaign start points.  However, the overall impression is of a package that's still in beta.  There are annoying glitches (although you can work around them) and advertised features that don't work.  I think this is a game that DG has basically abandoned; the last patch was 1.2.18 (not 1.2.15 as this website claims), but there is so much more to fix.  Recommendation: if you're really into big games, buy it and prepare to discover all its quirks, but don't expect that DG will ever fix any of them.

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3 of 5 Where are the instructions? June 8, 2020
Reviewer: Jeffrey from Denton, TX United States  
Finally found them...

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4 of 5 War in Europe December 3, 2019
Reviewer: Thomas Murray from Howell, MI United States  

I will start by saying this was my favorite board game, back in the day. I never had enough money to buy the War in the Pacific and join them. In fact, it is a dream that DG will do so for an updated digital version. Besides money, I would have had no space to spread all the maps.

I would give this a 5 except there is a game stopping bug. The screen resolution prevents certain buttons from being accessed. Specifically, to accept French air point reinforcements, one needs to press a button, which is impossible, no matter how I change the resolution. The game cannot proceed.

The only work around is to start the game after France has fallen. But that takes away the beginning  part of the war. Also, I would like there to be more options and variety in production and start the game a few years earlier and not have a hard stop in 1945. There should not be a counter limit in a computer game either. Some thoughts for a great game.

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