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Vassal is a game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games and card games. You can use Vassal to play in real time over the Internet or by email. Vassal runs on all platforms and is free, open-source software. In downloading a Vassal module, you are acknowledging you own a physical copy of the game and are agreeing not to distribute the Vassal module other than to a singular opponent.

Decision Games is offering Vassal game modules for some of its monster-sized games as well as smaller games. The modules include a digital version of the map and counters.

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Bastogne - World at War #56 (VASSAL)

Bastogne (Solitaire) is a wargame covering the German siege of the town of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, specifically the period 18-26 December when the town was surrounded. Bastogne Solo is based on Dien Bien Phu (Modern War #17), but there are some significant differences.

Cold War Hot Armor - Strategy & Tactics #307 (VASSAL)

Cold War, Hot Armor is a two-player game in which players take command in armored actions during the Cold War. The game is part of a series; this particular game is set during the War in Vietnam, 1954-75. Future games will include battles in continental Africa, the Middle East and eventually a hypothetical NATO-Warsaw Pact conflict. The game system emphasizes command control, combined arms, and evolving technology.
Agricola - Strategy & Tactics #306 (VASSAL)

Agricola is a wargame of the campaign fought by Gnaeus Julius Agricola, the Roman governor of Britain (AD 77-85) to conquer northern Britannia (modern Britain). There are two players, the Roman and the Caledonian (the latter actually representing various northern British tribes). Each player has units that represent military formations or tribal warbands. Players move their units, conduct battles and objectives.
Operation Musketeer - Modern War #32 (VASSAL)

Operation Musketeer is a wargame based on the assumption that the 1956 Anglo-French-Israeli invasion of Egypt turned into a major superpower confrontation in which the forces of the Soviet Union and United States became involved. Historically, the invasion was ended because both the USSR and USA opposed the Allied invasion. But, the assumption here is that, instead, both Moscow and Washington were drawn into the conflict and deployed combat forces to support their respective camp.
Combat Veteran - Modern War #31 (VASSAL)

Combat Veteran is a simple two-player tactical combat system that simulates the dynamics of infantry combat at the individual (man-to-man) level. This game features two particular historic scenarios as the introduction to the wider system: Firefight at the Rice Paddy Angle (Vietnam in Mekong region, 1967), and Firefight at Combat Outpost Keating (Afghanistan in the Nuristan Province, 2009). Both firefights involved about a platoon of US infantry against a numerically superior enemy force. The US and Viet Cong game soldier game pieces represent specific, individual men of their respective units, whereas Taliban soldier game pieces represent three to six men.
Bastogne (VASSAL)

Bastogne. The initial onslaught of the Germans’ Ardennes offensive, in December 1944, overran numerous US positions all along the front line, though the Germans simply bypassed other stubbornly defended locations so as to maintain their momentum. The small town of Bastogne, however, with its strategically critical road junctions, became the lynchpin of the entire campaign. The Germans soon realized Bastogne had to be captured; so they set out to assault the outnumbered and surrounded American units there. The desperate defense of Bastogne therefore came to typify the entire Battle of the Bulge.
Barbarossa Deluxe (VASSAL)

Barbarossa Deluxe. A strategic-level, two-player “mini-monster” of intermediate complexity, designed by Ty Bomba, covering the entire Russo-German War. Play may end sooner than the historic termination time, if the German player is able to do significantly better than his historic counterparts by advancing so quickly he causes the overall political, social, economic and military collapse of the Soviet Union. Likewise, if the Soviet player is able to carry out his strategic comeback more efficiently than did historic counterparts during the second half of the war, the game may again end earlier than it did historically. Each extra-large hexagon on the two-sheet map represents 55 miles. The large-size counters provide corps as primary units of maneuver for the Germans, while for the Soviets they’re armies. The full order of battle is the most complete ever published in any simulation at this level.
British Army of the Rhine - Strategy & Tactics #88 (VASSAL)

British Army of the Rhine - The Thin Red Line in the 1980's is one of several games in the Central Front Series published by SPI in the 1980s. Both the game and series depict the early days of World War III in West Germany. Combat is conducted at the company, battalion, and regiment level, with a map scale of 4 km per hex. The map covers the BAOR sector and includes the major West German cities of Hannover and Kassel.
North Cape - Strategy & Tactics #292 (VASSAL)

North Cape: Convoy Battles in the Arctic, 1942-45 is a simulation of the convoy battles fought in the Barents Sea during World War Two. The game is played in several scenarios, each of which simulates one of the historical convoy battles in the Arctic. Each side must attempt to find and locate enemy positions and complete their missions. The objective in the game for the German player is to sink the largest number of enemy merchant ships possible. For the Allied player, the objective of the game is to bring the greatest number of merchant ships to the Soviet Union.
Midway - World at War #54 (VASSAL)

Midway Solitaire is a wargame of the Campaign in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) in April-June 1942. This period saw the Japanese take the offensive in two major campaigns which resulted in the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway, both of which were decided by aircraft carrier actions. In the game, the player takes command of United States Navy and Allied (USN) forces. The game system takes command of Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) forces. You, as the USN commander, must defeat multiple IJN naval offensives while your foe has superior numbers. What is at stake is the entire course of the war in the Pacific Theater.

To order, place the item in your cart (be sure you have an account set up first) and checkout. After checkout you will need immediately click the download link on the "thank you" page. If you forget to download or miss the link please contact our service department