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Welcome to our pre-pledge page. The games listed here were some of the runners-up in our 2015 bracket contest. Three of these games were picked for this pre-pledge program because they are ready for production, or they have specific short-term items to resolve before proceeding into production. Bottom-line, as soon as they get 300 pledges we’ll move forward on getting them published, probably within 12 months. The fourth game, Star Force Trilogy, was #2 in the bracket contest (i.e. the first runner-up). We decided to see if the interest level was high enough to move forward in addition to the bracket contest winner (Rome and the Barbarians).

We’re trying something new here by updating weekly or bi-weekly the number of pledges we have received for each game so everyone can see the numbers build. The deadline to reach the 300 pledge goal is 31 Dec 15. If they don’t reach the goal by then they go back in the pool for next year’s bracket contest.